Since the day I met you

I somehow always knew

Our life would be a sacred thing

All because of you

A day of love and sunshine

Is filled with all that's best

When sad and gloomy days arrive

I still feel I am blessed

For you are like a cool wind

That nestles in a breeze

Which brings to me a calmness

That fills my heart with ease

How glad I am to know you

How happy that you're there

With all your daily wisdoms

Such knowledge there to share

So you are like an Angel

And I am here to say

I never could have made it

Without you along the way

So thank you for that promise

We shared so long ago

The years we shared are glorious

My friend I love you so.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright October 2, 2005




Midi Entitled "Grace" Obtained From Moose Midi

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