For all the years together
For all the years we shared
Couldn't have a better friend
In life than you've been Dad

Always there to lean on
Tell my problems to
Nothing could be greater
Than passing time with you

Hand to reach in sorrow
Heart that soothes the pain
With you right there beside me
So much in life I've gained

Thoughts of you forever
Within my heart are there
Each a new beginning
These things in life I'll share

To me you were the blessing
The Wind beneath my wings
Presence great and mighty
With honor love now brings

Thoughts of love careening
The ones that always stay
Mighty as the wind to me
Happy Father's Day.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 22, 2002

Midi "Wind Beneath My Wing"

Obtained From "Midi Parlour"


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