You bet I love our colors
All crisp red white and blue
They fly with greatest meaning
With freedom that's true
I truly 'am  excited
So happy too you see
Dressed up in "my" colors
For "Fourth's" Jamboree
My pride overflowing
My heart fully knowing
That freedom expressed
Forever is "blessed"
So carry that flag
And yes you may brag
Because love full of pride
Is what we can't hide
I feel such emotion
And constant devotion
For all we are given
Makes life so worth living
So stand up and cheer
The "Fourth" is now here
Our hearts all as one
In pride next to none
So wave those flags high
And take a deep sigh
For we are as one
With joy next to none
United we stand
Across our great land
Freedom's the story
Of America's glory.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 2, 2005
"Happy Fourth Everyone"











Midi "Grand Ole Flag"

Obtained by "Jack's USA Patriotic Midi Tunes"

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