Flowers dancing on a hill
Scented in a breeze's thrill
Cascading beauty in the air
Wafting in the love we share

Soft the life that's calling me
Reaching out for love to be
Whispers softly in my mind
Love of life is well defined

Petals soft with velvet dew
Chanting gently "I Love You"
Dancing in a sweet array
Love now captured for the day

Comfort fills the heart with ease
Captured in a perfumed breeze
Words now written can be told
Etched forever in pure gold

Here I sit with love I feel

All because of words revealed

Deep within this gentle place

Our souls unite in sweet embrace

All the flowers now will blend

Creating love that never ends

Every breath we share today

Captured in our heart's bouquet.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright January 27, 2004-2007


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