Hi there Mol, it's Beverly
Roger's back in town
You remember who he is
Gals swoon when he's around

Yes I know he's handsome
I feel like such a queen
When he walks into a room
His presence is serene

I saw the way he looked at me
When last we said hello
I think I have a chance with him
His eyes they tell me so

My heart it just goes pitter pat
When I see him coming near
Feel as though I'm going to faint
Could this be love my dear?

Oh gosh I better go now
It's time for lunch you know
I heard that he is coming here
I really have to go

Oh my goodness here he comes
He's handsome as could be
He's almost at the table now
Walking right towards me.

~ Francine Pucillo 
ęCopyright October 17, 2002

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Midi "Shine On" Performed by Margi Harrell

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