No matter what the time of day
Which seasons come and go
Heaven's filled Angel wings
That have a special glow
In and out about the clouds
As elegantly they fly
Gathering the gentle winds
That keep them rushing by
Rose a gift she shares with us
With floral scent divine
In a breeze her perfume sifts
With all her love combined
This the joy of love she shares
In every waking day
Giving you her special love
Upon your heart today
Scent of love you can't explain
Surrounding you this day
It's your Angel with the rose
With love she sends your way
Just remember when you're blue
When you are feeling down
She is there with rose to share
The scent that love surrounds.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 27, 2007







Midi "White Rose" Obtained by MCS Midis

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