Dancing in the heavens
Within the clouds on high
Angels flying freely
With starlight in their eyes

Tumbling in their glory
With wings that hold steadfast
Listen to their whispers
"Our love will always last"

In the breeze that follows
From wings that fly so high
Scents of beauty gather
That seem to make us sigh

Love comes ever gently
Like winds that softly sway
Angel wings are flying
With special words they pray

We are right beside you
No matter how you feel
Know how much we love you
As each day we all kneel

To ask the Lord to Bless you
To help you find your way
Just reach for us we're waiting
We never fly away

Look up to the heavens
See our special light
Morning noon or night time
Our love for you ignites.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright July 20, 2003


Midi Entitled "Two Lovers" by Andy Klapwyck

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