Mama always told me
When I was just a girl
That life was gonna be a blast
And yes I'd be a "Poil"

Well I didn't feel excited
But boy I sure do now
Here among my special friends
Our ages add up ~ wow

Each one of us a mentor
Better off as renters
But when we join together
Each of us presenters

Our bodies are excluded
From all those Playboy beauties
But lets not forget to mention
We all will soon get pensions

Some of us have made it
The senior hall of gaiters
Our skin is tough and burly
But at least our hair is curly

Loved and joined in battle
With butts so big they wattle
Moving as the earth quakes
Another step for heartaches

But happy as we can be
It's all for fun believe me
For I'm just glad to be here
Us Poils in life are sincere

So smile and just be happy
Twist and shout be sappy
Love you you're the greatest
Poils in life the "latest"

Hearing now is brassy
Eyes are crossed and glassy
Memories deleting
Nothing worth repeating

Catch you in the morning
Here's a cheerful warning
Don't give me peanut butter
It really makes me stutter

Love you and I miss you
Just need to hug and kiss you
Poils and foils to follow
So much in life to swallow

But still so glad to have ya
Each one of you the bestest
North South East and Westest
Us Poils in life are blest*est*.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright August 29, 2003


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