You betcha I am in my prime
And I'll stand up on any line
My walk may be a little slow
But always have a place to go

I take it easy and you bet
There's isn't quickness in my step
But honey there just ain't no time
To fill my goals while I'm on line

The right approach is what I'm giving
For all the rest of life I'm living
And so it is that I concede
There's lots of life in this old breed

I'm getting speed back every day
And I am feeling A okay
Watch out here comes slow but steady
Look out world cos I am ready

So now I'll take an intermission
And you can say it's supposition
That I can stand up to the best
And every day I still feel blest

If you see me passing by
Take a chance and just say hi
If you ask me how I'm feeling
Every day is still revealing.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 23, 2004


Midi Entitled "Feel Like A Woman"


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