I truly love my Grandma
I love my Grandpa too
No matter what they're doing
There's always time for you

How lucky that we have them
Always by our side
So happy that they love us
It fills us up with pride

We love it when they spoil us
Well, that's what life is for
Two very special people
So easy to adore

I love when Grandpa holds me
It makes me feel so great
And even when he scolds me
He laughs for goodness sakes

Grandma always hugs me
Grandpa hugs me too
So when we are together
The love comes shining through

I hope that they are happy
On this their special day
My Grandma and my Grandpa
Perfect in every way.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 8, 2002


Midi Entitled "Ka-Poe-o-Ka-Mele"  by Mickey Gentle

Obtained From "Laura's Midi Heaven"

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