Within our life a special song
That we must learn to sing
In times of sadness or in hope
These notes in life take wing

They float across the sky of blue
In wings of gentle prayer
Creating philharmonic sounds
In wisps of God's sweet air

Each day composing different tunes
Through love we can relate
Within our souls a rapturous sound
That breezes shall create

Among the trees within the wind
This music lets us soar
To carry tunes upon the wind
That fill our dreams and more

Hear the melody so pure
That comes with every breath
Filters through in nature's breeze

With sound we can't forget

Within the chamber of our hearts
This gentle beat now rhymes
Creating sweetest rhapsody
That trickles through wind chimes.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright June 24, 2003


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Midi "Friend Song" By Heatherli (Susan) Giffen

Obtained from Laura's Midi Heaven

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