Treasures of a quiet day
Within sweet nature's love
Greatest time to while away
The joy and beauty of

Imaginations filled with life
As winds now change their shift
Hearing all the special joys
Within sweet autumn's gift

Gazing in this special light
As words are heard to share
Reaching for great happiness
With blessings to compare

Dreaming now within the day
With colors bright and warm
Gives the peace of gentle love
For days with autumn's dawn

Come and sit a spell with me
We'll share this special time
Basking in this nature's love
So majestically divine

Cool brisk days of love to share
With season in sweet prime
Close your eyes and make a wish
As winds and hearts will chime.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2000

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Midi "Dreams" by Bruce DeBoer


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