Come I'll take you for a ride
I'll be so gentle too
Want to show a special world
Deep water of the blue

Filled with sights for all to see
That make your heart just glow
Beauty that's beyond belief
This day a special show

Come with me for special swim
Hold on nice and tight
I'll take you to the calmest place
Your heart will feel so light

This world is mine but I will share
The depths of pure delight
Crystal water so serene
Filled with life so bright

Sometimes we need a place to go
That gives us so much ease
Today I offer you this gift
The joy of blue sea breeze

Guiding you with friendship
Forever at your side
Journey you will not forget
True friend of sea arrived.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright January 2001





Midi Entitled "By The Sea" by Bruce Deboer.

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