You reached for the stars
Your goals have been met
You walk down the aisle
With little regret
We there applauding
All filled with such pride
For all of us showing
The joy we can't hide
The years you have gathered
The times that we knew
All brought together
The world's waiting for you
The times of your struggle
The days of your past
Each moment to treasure
With knowledge that lasts
So as you move forward
Wherever you go
Our days will be brighter
By what you bestow
Knowledge the wisdom
In life that we share
We all are certain
That new breath is here
So march to your drummer
Play each special song
Your heart is your instrument
Your destiny strong
We look to the future
With all that you'll be
A treasure of knowledge
That brings certainty.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 8, 2006

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