Just got back from Nora's
We really had some fixings
All those bones were in the pot
And food was finger licking
Well I am here to tell ya
The food was outta site
Bones were done just perfect
Much to Jake's delight
Arthur said hey honey
Let's get that recipe
I looked at him in silence
I cleared my throat daintily
What's your secret Nora
This was a special meal
"I don't know how to tell ya
That meat sure wasn't veal"
I looked at her with promise
I wonder what she'd say
Replied "I can't remember"
It's the road kill of the day
We all sat there in silence
Art sure looked disgusted
Country life is not for me
Pass the pou pon mustard
But Jake came to the rescue
With cake that was delicious
Best darn barker on the earth
His delivery expeditious
Cream piled high and on the top
A picture of his Missus
Looking great beyond her years
Surely bootylicious.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright May 11, 2004






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