Autumn makes me happy
She makes me come alive
With colors of such beauty
What fun to realize

Cool winds are upon us
Fresh air feels so grand
Pretty leaves are flying
I love to watch them land

Twirling in a funnel
Their very special dance
Every year I see this
It puts me in a trance

Then my heart is beating
I hear it deep inside
Thumping to the music
Falling leaves provide

Welcome to sweet Autumn
Sending all my love
Breezes in life bellow
Joy my heart speaks of

Sit with me and cuddle
I'll give to you my best
Because this is my season
I am my happiest.

~ Love Autumn ~

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 23, 2003


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Original Composition Entitled "Bree" by M.C.Shelly

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