Sometimes my heart is lonely

The day goes by so slow
My emotions overwhelming
Where darkness seems to flow
My friend is there to comfort
To help me when I am blue
His love forever faithful
So loyal steadfast true

My heart does feel the difference

When tenderness is there

If only for that moment

There's so much love to share

I see it makes a difference
To feel this gift each day
The love so unconditional
Whatever come what may
He builds me up with spirit
He makes the day go on
The joy within his power
So tender and so strong
He is but my shadow
That fills my heart with glee
He comforts and consoles me
Shows love so constantly
In times of deepest trouble
I know that he is there
Looking with compassion
His heart the gift I wear
My friend in life forever
Is always by my side
Showing me with tenderness
The "love" he cannot hide.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 17, 2007
Dedicated to all our beloved "Loyal Hearts"
Those who know when they are needed
Who are with us to the end.



Midi Entitled "If You Can't Be The Sun Don't Be A Cloud" By Richie Neill

Obtained From Laura's Midi Heaven


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