Love within an instant
So unconditionally
Child within is reaching
Touching constantly

Feel the peace and beauty
Within our hearts each day
Coming from a special place
That never fades away

Peace and joy will enter
Within each heart we find
If child is born within us
Our life on earth designed

Innocence and beauty
The gift in life we wear
The child within will be there
Like fervent gentle prayer

This be our commitment
With all that we can give
The child in us awakened
In every day we live

Petals soft and flowing
She breathes within our hearts
Within each sweet dimension
Her kindness never parts

Her innocence so lovely
Like petals soft with dew
Within the times of sorrow
Goodness will come through

The smile that she awakens
It lives inside our souls
Just call on her for gentle peace
The child inside consoles.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright October 9, 2002




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