Here I am to say Hello
Just to say I love you so
Want to share a thought with you
My heart for you is always true

Hear your voice when I am blue

It takes away the sadness too
Happiness is what we share

Knowing that you're always there

Hear you say that sweet "Hello"
Always makes me feel mellow
Every word you speak to me
Fills my heart and soul with glee

Spending just a little time
Writing thoughtful words in rhyme
That's when I feel truly blest

And so therefore, I must confess

Love you for your gentle soul

All your friendship makes me whole
Thought I'd take this time to say
Happy that you've come my way

Time it life is so complete

When each moment is replete

With tenderness and love we share

Friendship's love beyond compare.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright September 11, 2004

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