When little birds take wing in flight

They comfort you in softest light

When skies are bright with touch of  blue

Their little wings are next to you

Each day I think of you with grace

I see the love that I embrace

For you have been that special friend

Forever after with no end

Birds still soar within the sky

While you and I are standing by

See them glide without a care

Knowing that the joy is there

For all the years of  life we knew

Wings we shared brought strength anew

Across the many miles of life

Within the burdens of our strife

And so it goes as days go on

I rest my gentle wings upon

The heart of one who I hold dear

Whose love I treasured through the years

No one else can take this flight

For we have made the pattern right

Always finding way to lead

Sometimes learned we must concede

I have known your special heart

With blessings of God's work of art

No one will else will feel this bliss

Of gentle wings that God has kissed

Magic is the word "Believe"

For it's in you that I've received

All the blessings I will share

Through friendship that's forever there.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright March 13, 2004








Midi Entitled "Song For Jesse" by Roger Needham



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