When I count my blessings
They're always there for you
A basket filled with happiness
For friendship's that are true
An ear that always listens
To troubles that we share
A moment of expression
In love that's always there
I hear the sound of laughter
It echoes in the wind
The captured joy of sunshine
Because you are my friend
No greater bounty in this life
The love that stands steadfast
No matter what the problems
Our friendship shared to last
We greet each day with sunshine
We think of you and say
We know the joy of sharing
With love sent on its way
So here's to all we've gathered
Throughout the love that's spoken
No greater link within this life
Then friendship's chain unbroken.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 1, 2006









Midi Obtained From Arlene's Meaningful Midis

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