Each one of us is different
No one quite the same
Our spirits joined together
Through laughter and our pain
Time in life has meaning
With all of us aware
None of us are perfect
But gathered by a prayer
We lend an ear in sorrow
We dry a falling tear
We reach a hand extended
The spirit always near
Come and join this circle
With life's diversity
Joined as one together
Through love's humanity
Love is always present
It has no boundaries
We share the joy of seeing
Each one's abilities
Truly makes no difference
What colors we all wear
We all are one inspired
By patterns that we share
So think about your glory
Share it in your space
Feel the peace of knowing
We cannot be replaced
Then we know that friendship
Will always keep us bound
Within the peace of all the hearts
Within this love we've found.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 23, 2007




Midi Entitled "After The Rain" Obtained From Jalal Ali's Music Website

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