Comb your hair 'n tie your shoes
Now milk that cow ya hear
Don't ask me no more questions
There's lots of tension here

I see we're going public
I really am upset
Trying all new fancy creams
But face it we're a mess

I ordered me a corn pipe
With sequins and some stones
UPS can't deliver
We never are at home

Always in the field we are
Shucking corn for still
Bubbling up that alcohol
Life is sure a thrill

But things they sure look better
When I'm sippin fire water
You look like Gary Cooper
It makes me wanna holler

Come and get me baby
Give me a big kiss
Then I see those missing teeth

And close my eyes for this

You think you are a rooster

But you lost your feathers dear

And I'm so darn fed up now

I need some space "Ya Hear"

Going to the barn now

I'm gonna get some hay

Forgot to make the bed today

And wives don't get no pay!

Guess I'll see you later

I hate to say goodbye

It's been nice to see ya

I gotta catch some flies.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright October 30, 2003


Midi "Wabash Cannonball" Obtained from


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