Upon the rainbow within the sky
Wings of love are there to fly
Bringing to the earth such love
Colors warmed by God above

Cast upon the sky of blue
Angels write their "I love hues"
With colors that cannot compare
Sky ablaze with love they share

Dancing on a gentle wing
Twirling in the sky they sing
See us we are standing by
God He Loves You ~ So we fly

Sending all our special glow
Emanating there below
Rainbows made with so much flair
Draped across the sky up there

This a gift with tender thought
Know the beauty God has brought
Upon your heart on any day
This miracle of grand display

For when you see the colors bright
God's beauty in this grandest sight
Upon your heart His Special Glow
Angel wings and soft rainbows.

 Francine Pucillo
ęCopyright February 2003


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Midi Entitled "Wind Beneath My Wing" Performed by Margi Harrell



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