He's not coming back, Mommy said to her child
With eyes all wide opened, her heart surely died
Your Daddy he loved you and held you so tight
He kissed you so sweetly as he said "goodnight"
I know that you're sad that your Daddy is gone
He's with all the heroes in "Destiny's Dawn"
A vision of courage while he was on earth
Now he's in heaven ~ a soul of such worth
Looking upon you as you grow each day
Watching and listening to all that you say
A moment alone now ~ don't feel so blue
Because Daddy is with you in all that you do
When you look in the mirror it's his eyes you see
A gentle reflection of all you can be
As days turn to years you'll remember him well
For it was his courage as freedom will tell
And all that's been written and all that's be said
Will give you the wisdom of life that's ahead
The footsteps he left here when he led the fight
For freedom's own majesty his heart full of light
Memories are captured and last through the years
Although now your heart is filled with life's tears
Remember the smiles and the laughter you shared
His promise to love you ~ it can't be compared
For while in the heavens in skies of bright blue
Your Daddy is sending a message to you
I'll see you and show you a sign I am near
Walk through this life you have nothing to fear
For freedom for all is the gift that we give
And love in all aspects is what we should live
Know that your Daddy is not far away
Footsteps are joined in life's path every day.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 13, 2007


I just wanted to honor those men who were lost to their families on this

Father's Day, and let the children know that our hearts and spirits are with

them on this day and every day. Such a supreme sacrifice was made for

this country. No matter what you think about the war, it's the solider who goes

in with the courage, might and conviction to serve their country. This has to have

a special meaning, even for those who disapprove of the conflict that

we are in now. War throughout life has never been popular, but you see

our men and women, filled with conviction and love of their country to

serve and honor this country. They are the heels of our nation, the power

of it's might and the beauty of it's quest for freedom. They give up all,

their families, their children and all loved ones to serve in a place that is

so dangerous and do it with pride, determination and courage.


It is for these lost men that I prepare a page in honor of all those Dads' who

won't be hearing that familiar "Happy Father's Day."


So it is on this day that I choose to wish all those who have lost their

Father a word of gratitude and love from those whose hearts ache for

their loss and to let the children know that we are grateful for the supreme

sacrifice they have made.


"Within the light of rainbows, beyond the bluest sky

A solider there is watching as tears in life go by

Daddy's little angels, looking to the sky

Reaching for that special chance

To once more say goodbye."


God Bless and protect our troops and their courage

to fight for the freedom of all those who are oppressed.


Thank you



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