Three Cheers

For The Red White & Blue



Flags will all be waving
Our colors fill the sky
Tribute to our forces
We salute as you go by

Soldiers born of spirit
With heads you hold so high
Brave and true with honor
On you we can rely

Powerful this nation
With courage that extends
Each branch of service honored
So proud to call you friends

So here's a special Angel
She'll take good care of you
Flag she waves so proudly
Her love for you so true

Time for some reflection
On this special day
When gathered all the people
We'll think of you this way

Brave and mighty soldiers
Who in our life defends
Freedom of its people
Today our love extends

America the beautiful
With freedom standing tall
In gratitude this nation
Gives thanks to one and all

Pride to fill an Ocean
Love to cross the Plains
Air to carry freedom
The USA remains.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 18, 2002


Midi "You're A Grand old Flag"

Obtained From "Connect Texas"


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