Sweet innocence love's bounty
With joy our heart's design
Captured in each season
Gathered through life's time

Whispers to us softly
In little child who dwells
So deeply in our souls now
This simple beauty tells

Today I am that little one
That seeks to find a way
To love the world we live in
To capture life's bouquet

Although my body ages
My mind it shall be young
Searching for the little bird
That sings for everyone

Tune of life refreshing
Brings the heart great peace
Captured in each moment
Warmed by softest fleece

Comfort all consuming
I share my love with you
From now until eternity
May tune of life come through.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 16, 2003


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Midi "Visions" Composed by Andy Klapwyk

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