Yes I saw a Leprechaun
Right before my eyes
His hair all white and fluffy
His name he said "Mc Duffy"
He smiled so sweet and said Hello
I sure felt lucky and I know
Today I thought I got my wish
That Blarney stone I always kiss
But there before my very eyes
For just a second hypnotized
So off I went into a pub
Had myself a cup of suds
Told the folks with great big grins
Mc Duffy had appeared again
His shoes are there out in the Glenn
He wears size 2 and those are tens
He loses them on purpose then
So luck will find you once again
So go to get them right away
Before they disappear today
So luck will follow where you go
Those footprints big but then you know
Mc Duffy always leaves his shoes
To catch a rainbow you can use.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright March 2005


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