Gonna be efficient
I'll hide the pot of gold
Do this only once a year
These coins are really old

This our special season
For wearing of the green
Pot of gold that you see here
Will bring you wealth and sheen

Hey you dropped some coins there
Come on let's get this done
Whoever finds this lucky pot
Will really have some fun

Don't  you breathe a word of this
Like you do each year
It's hard to gather all this gold
Times are lean ya hear

And you out there hello I say
So glad that you dropped by
Keep this secret to yourself
So you won't have to lie

Who'll believe you saw us here
They'll laugh until they cry
Pot of Gold you say you saw
Well don't believe your eyes.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©February 2003





Midi entitled "Bubbles" composed and performance by Mary Hession


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