Wings of love are waiting
For you to come along
Bringing warmth and presence
To you I now belong

Need someone to help you
Just call and I'll be there
Your heart my destination
Your angel waiting near

We'll fly within the sunset
You'll feel a peaceful glow
Whenever I'm beside you
This feeling you will know

Right beyond horizon
Within the softest cloud
Breeze that touches softly
The wings of love endowed

Lift you when you need me
I'll give a gentle hug
My special friend forever
Just give my wings a tug

I'll know that your beside me
When warmth is all around
I'll feel your heart of friendship
My wings for you earthbound.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 21, 2002



Midi "Someone To Watch Over Me"

Performed by "Margi Harrell"

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