"I pledge allegiance"

This is my right
Each day of my life
To honor my country
In dawn's early light

"To the flag of the
United States of America"


The place of my people
Who walked on these shores
Who fought for and died for
The colors she bore

"And to the Republic
For Which It Stands"

For a nation of many
Who came to be free
Oppressed and all broken
Who sought liberty

"One Nation Under God"

For power and glory
His name shall remain
We shall not relinquish
His Light is our flame


Each state born together
In power shall reign
With God's Hands upon us
Our power remains

"With Liberty"

For it is our right
And we shall be strong
To always remember
Where glory belongs

"And Justice"

No panel of Judges
Can choose what we say
Our nation's allegiance
Will not change today

"For All"

We watch as these people
Who brought so much pain
Now given the same rights
This nation ordained

We will not abandon
The rights we all share
God and our nation
The glory we wear

So wave sacred colors
Of Red White and Blue
Stand in Allegiance
With God next to you.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright June 27, 2002


Midi "America" Obtained From Connect Texas



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