Stars And Stripes Of Glory

Within their midst is honor
With golden wings that fly
All across our Nation
Our glory fills the sky

Stars and Stripes forever
Testament at dawn
Memories now linger
With hearts that carry on

We see their spirits rising
No darkness on their ground
Mighty souls are shining
Upon this earth heart's bound

Walking right beside us
We hold each other high
Guiding us with glory
With Stars and Stripes that fly

No ordinary people
Have walked across our souls
Glowing with magnificence
The sunrise now consoles

Today we see a spark of life
They've left in unity
Liberty and courage
Reflects us endlessly

Thank you from a nation
Whose tears on earth have wept
For all our valiant heroes
Life's monument windswept

Tears of pride an ocean
Mountain high with love
Miles and miles of gratitude
With prayers that rise above

No greater love was given
No greater path was paved
Upon the hearts of freedom
Their names in gold engraved

Liberty now standing
With flame she holds so high
While Stars and Stripes forever

 Unfurl within our sky.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright  May 14, 2002

"Heart of each soul that soars through the sky
Wings of pure gold that reach from on high."

~ Forever You Live On  ~






This Beautiful Composition "Stay With Me"

by J.D. Tolman

Obtained from Laura's Midi Heaven

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