Life is such a struggle
Veggies fruits a juggle
Need to make decision
Making this my mission

Double chins are showing
Extra bulges growing
Need some liposuction
Came to this deduction

Today I'm gonna party
I'm gonna eat real hearty
Ice cream's looking yummy
Soothing to my tummy

Well really it don't matter
Spandex makes me flatter
Curves are getting groovy
An Oscar for a movie

Tomorrow I'll get started
My destination charted
Gonna lose this bustle
Replace it all with muscle

Quite an undertaking
This promise I am making
Just one more day of eating
I promise no more cheating

But today they say "No Diet"
How can I keep this quiet
Eat and just be jolly
Jumpin on this trolley

Pretzels chips and candy
This day will be a dandy
Day of all my wishes
To heck with all those dishes

Tomorrow I'll start over
Then I'll be in clover
Working off my britches
Throwing out the riches

Groaning and a moaning
Dieting and toning
Today it was a pleasure
Losing tape to measure.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 15, 2002

Happy "No Diet Day"



Midi "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" by Shania Twain

Obtained From Music Olympus


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