Today as we all gather

In very sacred place

Our hearts are joined with others

Whose memories we embrace

Within this city gleaming

An icon that we see

The torch of love is burning

For everyone who's free



Joy of  life's existence

This truth will always be

Freedom is a given

Throughout our history

This Day of Independence

We hold our flag up high

Looking to the colors

That blend within our sky



No terrorist will haunt us

With threats of evil deeds

For we are of the people

With courage that will lead

For all those valiant serving

For those whose lost their way

Upon the soil of our great land

Their spirits born each day

So gather all your mighty

To keep our nation strong

Each one a great addition

To freedom that belongs



So stand up proud and grateful

And raise your banner high

We will never waiver

Our freedom's fast reply

America the beautiful

How grand the song you sing

From here across America

Our patriots you bring



Always joined together

With love that holds us fast

United with the honor

Our freedom unsurpassed.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright June 15, 2004



Midi Entitled "America The Beautiful"

 Obtained from Jack's Midi Music

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