Pink my favorite color
I guess you all can tell
Whenever I see this anywhere
My heart is in a spell

The sky of blue will thrill me
But oh that touch of pink
It makes me think of beauty
Puts my heart and soul in sync

Just a dab within the sky
I see God's Love is passing by
Making room for Him each day
Upon a cloud I kneel and pray

Lord this color fills my wings
Makes me want to twirl and sing
Just a spec within the sky
Oh what beauty fills the eye

Feeling you're alone or blue
Raise your head and see the hue
That little dab of pink for you
Let's you know that I'm there too

All my prayers with you today
I am never far away
Sending you my love from sky
Pink the color that makes me fly.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 21, 2002



Midi "I Will Always Love You"

Obtained From "Christeen's Place"


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