Cookin Up Some Fun

Final day of cooking
For me it's back to school
But this is gonna be the best
Cos I'm a cookin fool

I'm poppin all that popcorn
Fixing up those buns
Gonna boil some ears of corn
This is really fun

Have to make some baked beans
Some sauerkraut for franks
Last holiday of Summer
I have to pull some pranks

Mom says it's my BBQ
I'm first in charge today
Hope she understands the mess
I'm sure that it's okay

If you see some smokin
Don't you even fear
I fired up the BBQ
The firemen are here

Extending you good wishes
For Labor Day of fun
Opps the steaks are burning
I guess I gotta to run.

Happy Labor Day
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright August 30, 2002



Midi "Hey Good Lookin" by Hank Williams Sr.

Obtained from Jack's "Midi Music"

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