Life's never ending circle
It goes on endlessly
Like each and every moment
Throughout life's history

If hands in life are reaching
They always shall be touched
This miracle is needed
The love we seek so much

We'll share the joy of loving
We'll calm the hurt of pain
Then ease the weary spirit
With soft and silky rain

We are not so different
Our hearts they beat the same
Battered torn and hurting
Who then do we blame

Let us all remember
That peace is there to find
Within the hearts of many
The hope for all mankind

Can we make this happen
Do we have a chance
Join us on this special day
Let's move in peaceful dance

Like butterflies are winging

Their breeze in life defined

In small and gentle movement

They keep this love aligned

Follow in the sounds of life

Hear each homily

Each word be born a testament

Of what this life should be

Keeping with life's rhythm
As world turns round and round
Gather now all forces
Love with peace the crown

And life will know the beauty

Of  joy that came to pass

If world joined for a moment

This peacefulness would last.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 21, 2003


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"Peace In The Heart"

Original by JMC *Jalal's Musical Compositions*


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