Say "Halo" to Maddie
An Angel from above
Sharing all her beauty
In light that shines with love
Always there to greet you
To help you through your day
Her heart and yours are joined now
She's never far away
So if you need an Angel
Equipped with gentle wings
Just call out to sweet Maddie
And feel the love she brings
The heart of love is sharing
A gentle calm she shares
Knowing of her beauty
How very much she cares
You will know she's coming
You will feel her near
With wings of gentle breezes
With tenderness sincere
Just look up to heaven
And there upon the moon
Maddie's heart is waiting for
The call that will come soon
Knowing that you need her
She'll be right by your side
Walking in your footsteps
With love that cannot hide
Her heart forever reaching
Her Halo always near
Holding you with beauty
Whenever she appears.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
© Copyright November 4, 2004
In memory of my niece Maddie
Received her wings 8-4-2004











 Midi Entitled "Making My Way To You"


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