Friend in life that's what we are
You'll always be my guiding star
Morning noon and late at night
I'm always there to hold you tight

Doesn't matter what the difference
Hearts the same in every instance
You're my friend you'll always be
I say that with great certainty

For wherever it is in life we go
Our paw prints always in a row
Perhaps yours are bigger that's okay
I'll never be that far away

Giving happiness when you're blue
I know you'll do the same thing too
So bless you each and every day
Our friendship's always here to stay

I hope you have a friend like mine
For then your life will truly shine
My heart is filled with love and care
Knowing that my friend is always there

So if perhaps I forget to say
I love you more each and every day
Next to you I'll always be
Friendship's love eternally.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 23, 2004






Midi Entitled "A Wonderful World"


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