My love with you I gather
These flowers of this life
Drenched in crystal dew drops
Like glowing diamonds bright

Come into my garden
With memories to share
Pass through flowered trellis
This garden filled in prayer

Abounds with life and beauty
With verse that rhymes with ease
All this special wonder
Within your heart conceived

Share this special journey
With love that's in your soul
Beauty of love's nature
That touches and consoles

I offer velvet flowers
Share beauty with the heart
More than precious treasure
The life of love imparts

Take my hand on journey
Let me lead the way
Find the heart that gathers
Love's fragrant sweet bouquet

Within each soul no burden
Heart to share your dreams
Captured in sweet innocence
Love's purity redeems

Gather all love's velvet
These flowers have been crowned
Placed upon the heart you love
Treasured souls now bound.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 1999



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