Majestic sky that covers earth
The sky that we all see
Ask God for His Blessings
His Love flows endlessly

We ask that He will watch us
With tenderness and care
Reaching out please keep us safe
The world now needs repair

Almighty God our Fortress
We ask in fervent prayer
Bless us all and keep us
We know that You are there

Look upon Your people
With gentleness this night
Shine your stars upon us
As we seek your tender Light

Darkness may surround us
Yet we have no fear
Your Light forever glowing
Touching hearts down here

Peace and Love upon us
As day on earth is done
Hands across God's universe
The glow of love begun.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001







Original composition entitled "Tears On A Rose" by composer and performer
Elan Michaels

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