~ Four Days ~ 

Ashes strewn within the wind
Spirits now entwined
Forever now you dance with me
Eternal hearts aligned

Reflections now beyond this life
White moths are on the wing
Captured love within the dawn
Cool crystal dew shining

Endless dancing in the day
Comfort through the night
Endless time the gift we have
With breezes soft and light

Moonbeams shine across the sky
Our shadows now appear
The world now knows this destiny
Is free of all life's tears

Four days on earth we held onto
Our meeting quite by chance
Love that lasted all those years
Our silent sweet romance

Knew that we would meet again
Our rapture now will soar
Whispers heard within the wind
These echoes love restored

Eternity I share with you
Our love a constant song
Remembrances of love we shared
Two hearts that now belong

Shadows walking on the land
Their mist is in your view
Field of flowers softest blue
Love's spirit is divined with you

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2000


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