Taught by life their lesson
Imagination's zest
Brought to love with passion
The teacher's fervent quest

Dreams become their playground
With what their minds carry
Suggestions that are gleaned by
The heart that they will see

Looking through a window
Their guide in life will give
Learning how to be all things
For all the life they live

Tender precious moments
That come with first hello
Eyes that brightly sparkle
With wisdom of new glow

Precious gifts to give them
With smile and gentle care
Captured in tomorrows
These children now our prayer

Hearts that are on fire
So eager now to learn
The wisdom of their teachings
Within their soul will burn

The gift of our tomorrow
So proud with love we say
Brought to us by captive heart
Love's lesson of the day

Gentle woven patterns
Of life within their hands
Love with such ambition
Teacher's heart has planned.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2000

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Composition Entitled "Day Dreams2''

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