The glow of new dawning
Now waiting for rhyme
Upon path of dream house
Our hearts now aligned

Walls filled with sunshine
Light will shine through
Mist from the morning

Earth filled with dew

Stand by the window
Look  from this place
God's gentle nature
In life will embrace

Path that is leading
Forever will show
Footsteps now taken
Will have special flow

For this be the heaven
Where love will now dwell
Angels in heaven
Guarding so well

Pages now turning
In sweet reverie
Captured by artist
With love fervently.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 21, 2002

This is a picture of my new home painted by
my dear friend James C. Behlen, Jr.
You can see all his other paintings
at his site and on Moon and Back Graphics.
He is a gifted and talented artist
And a most treasured friend.

Click on link below to see his site.


Special Thanks to Bev

From Moon and Back for this beautiful graphic.



Midi "All I Ever Wanted" by Jim Brickman"

Obtained From "Arlene's Heavenly Miscellaneous Midi's"

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