This is a special site created for those who are going

 through the battle of their lives to beat cancer.


I dedicate this site to everyone but have done it because

of the pain and sadness cancer has brought into my family.

First losing my beloved sister Lorraine, after just six

weeks of her being diagnosed. Such a difficult realization

that my sister would be gone so swiftly from my life.


With that in mind and with all those of my family

who have suffered through life with cancer I decided

to create a special site for those who want to bring some

type of love and caring into the lives of those who are

now going through this very same battle.

I have dedicated this site to my niece Maddie, who

not even a year since her mother's passing, she herself

has been diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer.

I also add to this dedication my beloved childhood friend

Nora who was diagnosed with breast cancer.


So with that in mind and with this being a constant

work in progress I dedicate this site to all those

who are going through the same road in life,

which is long and arduous and always filled with

sorrow and tears for them and their family members.


Hoping that this will bring some sort of comfort for those

who need it. I pray that this site will eventually grow to be

something that will be a blessing to many.

So much courage is displayed in life by those who

fight this difficult battle and it goes without saying

that they have our love and prayers always. Sometimes

in life it is not enough to feel the pain of others without

feeling the pain yourself. I don't know how you can

know the pain unless you are going through this yourself,

but I do know that caring and showing others that you

realize their courage can bring great comfort to them.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for

taking the time to go through the pages and links that

were created. As I say, it is a work in progress and so

it will grow and the days and months go by.


A very special thank you to Bev of Moon and Back

Graphics who inspires me with the beauty of her

work and her constant support always. Also a special

thank you to my friend Chris who has gone beyond

and above in helping me to put this all together.


Also I want to thank you, all my friends, for your

support and love during these difficult times in life.

I want you to all know that each of you are part

of my heart and soul and that your tenderness and

caring has brought great solace to me in every hour

of my need. May you always know the joy that

you have given now and forever.


Love Your Friend

Francine Pucillo

February 3, 2004


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