Dance with the Angels with joy you can share

The dance that's forever with wings always there

For time is the essence of love that you feel

Dancing with glory makes life feel so real

For you are the dancer who leads on this earth

The one who has courage who shows so much worth

There in the garden as you twirl in a breeze

You've captured a moment the Angels' have seized

As Angel's dance with you they leave sweet bouquets

Each soft touch of velvet in grandest array

With every tomorrow your dance lingers on

And we shall all see it in each breaking dawn

This dance never ending as you twirl around

While music of Angels so sweetly abounds

The orchestra playing as wings capture breeze

Sounds we shall treasure as you dance with such ease

And so this I tell you with love and a prayer

Such peace in this moment is always quite near

Dance in the sunlight ~ we're with you my friend

Wings that now join you through life will extend.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright January 20, 2004

~ Updated October 3, 2005 ~


"For all those suffering and struggling to

be free of cancer~ You created this dance."

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Midi Entitled "To My Loved One" by Jason Vertucio

Obtained From Laura's Midi Heaven

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