You have found my heart here
Kindly please step through
Garden of great wonder
Created just for you

I am so glad to see you
I want to give you rest
Speak about the joyous things
All things that you love best

No time here for crying
No time for feeling sad
Flowers here are happy
They truly are so glad

Perking up to sunshine
Feeling special light
These the things I offer
That fills the heart's delight

Worries at the threshold
They'll keep a few days more
Today you are here for happiness
There's so much at this door

Colors of a rainbow
With flowers that will bow
Just because you walked this way
They're perky and so proud

Looking up to heaven
Heaving a great sigh
Happy that you've passed them
Here's the reason why

You touch them with a beauty
Their velvet soft with mist
Delightfully enchanted
Their petals have been kissed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 22, 2004

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Original Composition Entitled "Bree" by M.C.Shelly

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