Heart filled with love so willing to share
Love that is given ~ the beauty we wear

Life has it's struggles and then comes the rain

Softness that enters ~ relieving the pain

See I am with you when clouds break and cry

Holding you gently with life's gentle sigh

Just know my heart is bursting with pride

For all you have suffered ~ your courage replied

You give me treasures that make my heart sing

For you are the softness of love's gentle wing
Today and tomorrow and days that will pass

Your journey a testament of courage that lasts


My hand out and reaching ~ extended to you

Filled with compassion for fight you went through
Hearts now on fire ~ love's everywhere

You are the reason for each thankful prayer

So if you feel lonely and you're feeling sad

Know that I'm with you through all good and bad

Each dawn of a new day with love will shine bright

For you give me beauty in each gentle light



You are the essence of all I should be

The power of courage I share reverently

There's not a moment that I wouldn't say

I'm richer for sharing your life every day.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 25, 2004

~Revised October 5, 2005 ~




Dedicated to those who have waged their biggest

battle in fighting cancer with courage and conviction,

May you know the glory of your victory.

"You Are A Survivor".

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