We hold and protect you

With love that astounds

This world is your battle

But love will abound

For you are the Angel

With gentle soft wings

Who needs every moment

That life has to bring

We're here to hold you

Your heart filled with grace

Life's miraculous beauty

We cannot replace

A bouquet of Roses

That falls from on high

Cradles your body

With love that is nigh

Hearts on a journey

With love and with prayer

Your future a blessing

That we want to share

And so we pray softly

With all of our might

That God will smile on you

With His gentle light

And all your tomorrows

Will be free of pain

For love brings the sunshine

Throughout days of rain

These days filled with sadness

Will soon go away

For you'll be our Angel

That carries the day.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright January 24, 2004



Dedicated to little children

suffering with cancer and their

fight for survival. May God smile

upon them each and every day.

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Midi Entitled "To My Loved One" by Jason Vertucio

Obtained From Laura's Midi Heaven

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