Peace and love will find you
Within this special place
With gentle breezes flowing
Where hearts are filled with grace

Searching deep within our soul
Our thoughts now filled with peace
Looking towards tomorrow's
With feelings now complete

For time it has no barrier
When hands are there to guide
Every step upon this earth
With love that is derived

Power that's emerging
Is very plain to see
Everyone now gathers
With heads bowed reverently

The battle inside raging
Yet peacefulness abounds
For we have walked a special path
Where victory is found

Fight your biggest battle
But know you're not alone
Joined in this procession
Are heroes of your own

Giving you the courage
To get you through each day
Knowing they have joined you
And with you all the way

So turn around and see us
We've formed a special chain
Linking us together
With love each day we gain.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright January 8, 2004

Dedicated to all those who are in the fight

of their lives against cancer. Our prayers and

thoughts are with them every day.


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